No black girls took the AP computer science exam in two states. Cause for alarm?

(Image credit: used with permission of The Mississippi Link) Although almost 40% of the citizens of Mississippi are black, not one black girl took the Advanced Placement (AP) computer science last year. I was dismayed when I heard the story but after doing some digging, I don’t think the statistics are as alarming as the […]

Freebie Friday: GlaxoSmithKline’s “Science in the Summer” program

Credit: Lab Science Career I came across another science summer program, and of course, it’s free! GlaxoSmithKline, a multinational health care and pharmaceutical company, sponsors a science summer program in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, Baltimore, and North Carolina. The program, which is hosted at various organizations including the Boys and Girls club and local libraries, […]

What Young Jeezy can learn from “Love and Logic”

Credit: Dj Semtex I haven’t been able to avoid the story of Young Jeezy’s arrest which has been all over the news lately. After I read the article on TMZ, I decided I had to blog about it although I had just blogged about spanking yesterday because the story is an excellent example of why […]

The research still shows that our parents were wrong – spanking is bad for kids

Credit: Espen Faugstad Some where deep down we know that hitting, slapping, popping, whooping, or smacking our child until they cry cannot be right. But it’s the default disciplinary technique in the black community because, paradoxically, we think it’s a way to protect our children. A new study, however, has confirmed again that we need […]