What Young Jeezy can learn from “Love and Logic”

Credit: Dj Semtex I haven’t been able to avoid the story of Young Jeezy’s arrest which has been all over the news lately. After I read the article on TMZ, I decided I had to blog about it although I had just blogged about spanking yesterday because the story is an excellent example of why […]

Four reasons black parents should home-school

Home-schooling used to be the domain of the very religious or counter-cultural types (read: white) but times are certainly changing. Not only is home-schooling now becoming mainstream as more parents realize that traditional schooling may not be a good fit for their children but home-schooling families are becoming more diverse. Despite the increase in the […]

One more reason to get your kids outside

  We all know intuitively that playing outdoors is best for kids but it’s nice to get research that backs up our mummy instincts. According to researchers, myopia is increasing in our children because they spend too much time indoors. The obvious suspects, of course, are video games and television, however, they are not to […]