“Justice pon di road” — A new children’s book for the Jamaicans abroad

Justice pon di roadThere’s a new book that you must add to your kiddo’s bookshelf. It’s called “Justice Pon Di Road” and it tells the story of little Justice’s visit to Jamaica.

Justice’s mommy, who already loves Jamaica, takes him “pon di road” so he can learn about his Jamaican heritage.  Along the way, the pair learn about Jamaica from the locals they meet and are treated to Jamaican fruits, delicacies, and Jamaican parenting advice.

I must admit that I was a somewhat nervous when Aliona L. Gibson asked me to review “Justice Pon Di Road.”  I’ve never done a book review outside a classroom setting and mostly I was nervous because I really, really wanted to like the book.

And I did!

Ms. Gibson does a great job giving us a tour of Jamaica through her son’s eyes.  We can almost taste the juicy Jamaican mango and fresh patty as Justice experiences them.  The book is engaging and easy to understand.  It is easy to imagine cooling your hot feet in the Caribbean Sea or quenching your thirst with water from just picked coconut.

I’m Jamaican as well and although I talk to my son about my country, I’ve been on the look out for a children’s book with appealing pictures that would talk about Jamaica in a fun and engaging way. I had no luck until “Justice pon di road.”

With more Jamaicans living abroad than on the island, I know I’m not the only parent who is trying to paint a picture for our foreign born child of what life is like in Jamaica. I also love that the book includes a glossary of words in Patois (patwa), Jamaica’s local dialect.

So for those Jamaican parents living abroad this book is for you!

You can purchase the book on: http://www.AlionaGibson.com.

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