Moms, it’s time to have the sexting talk with ALL your kids

sexting teen convicted canadaCredit: SmartSignBrooklyn

A Canadian teen-aged girl has been found guilty of distributing child pornography. The teenager was convicted of “sexting” or sending naked pictures of her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend to a friend. She was 16 years-old at the time the texts were sent, the same age as the victim.

I am confused about the ruling and agree with the defense’s statement: “These child pornography laws were intended to protect children, not to persecute them”, he told news organisation CBC. He said it was a “heavy hammer” to be using. I hope that the ruling will be overturned because it equates the actions of an immature teenager with the creeps who prey on children.

The main reason I posted the article, however, is because the advice given to parents about sexting center on boys. We need to have “the talk” about sexting with all of our children. We need to tell our girls not to send naked pictures of themselves AND to immediately delete any sexual images they are sent.

As black parents, we should be worried about this ruling, even though it’s in Canada, because it’s probably a precursor of what’s to come here in the U.S. because our children are usually the victims of overzealous prosecution.

Please explain to your son AND daughter that what they may see as just passing on gossip could brand them for life as a sex offender. For more advice on how to talk to your kids about sexting, click here.

2 thoughts on “Moms, it’s time to have the sexting talk with ALL your kids

  1. Already had that talk and will continue to do so until my face turns as many shades as needed to get the point across. I also let my son know that school doesn’t mean that he, a brown boy, cannot get arrested falsely with cuffs and a gun while sitting in class if the wrong white girl points a finger. He still must take care about what is on his phone and how to delete it “permanently” if it does happen to get on his phone. Every parent of black children should also get informed and share the knowledge regarding what to do if approached by a police officer in any situation.

    • I plan to do a post about how to teach your children to deal with the police. I’m doing the research now. It’s very important especially when it seems that our children are more under seige than ever — they get arrested for standing still, running, or worse shot while asking for help.

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