Study: Relationship between teens and parents influences adult children’s romantic relationship

Credit: cid.edson It’s time to re-evaluate your relationship with your teenager because according to a new study, the parental relationship can influence adult children’s romantic relationships for up to 15 years! Of course, the study found that a positive relationship with one’s parents leads to adult children making healthier choices in a spouse. Studies like […]

Wendy, please don’t cry over a snapshot of Madonna’s life

Credit: Horia Varlan Madonna is in hot water again and this time the star is under fire for using the “n” word in a tweet to her son. Interestingly, was Madonna’s close relationship with her son Rocco, the subject of the tweet, that made talk show host, Wendy Williams break down crying on her show […]

What Young Jeezy can learn from “Love and Logic”

Credit: Dj Semtex I haven’t been able to avoid the story of Young Jeezy’s arrest which has been all over the news lately. After I read the article on TMZ, I decided I had to blog about it although I had just blogged about spanking yesterday because the story is an excellent example of why […]

Give the gift of unconditional love this Christmas

I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to find a Dusty Crop-hopper remote controlled plane that actually flies because that is the only thing my boy says he wants for Christmas. I consider this year, his fifth, to be our first real Christmas with him because he is able to anticipate the holidays and remind […]

The First Rule Of Love And Logic: Put Yourself First

The latest Love and Logic “Love and Logic” newsletter has been on my mind since I read it last week. Dr. Fay reminded us of the first rule of Love and Logic which is that parents need to put themselves first. My brain does not compute! As an attachment parent, it represents somewhat of a […]