Successful womb transplants into 9 women: Swedish doctors may have finally found a cure for infertility

Black African American woman pregnant belly faceless motheringCredit: themooring

The news out of Sweden is that doctors have successfully transplanted wombs into 9 women.

The women, who either suffered from infertility because of cancer or were born womb-less, were the recipients of donated wombs. The study, which is ongoing, seeks to examine whether it would be possible for infertile women to give birth to their own biological babies.

The study participants still have their ovaries so the doctors were able to harvest the women’s eggs to create fetuses. The next step for the doctors will be to implant the fetuses into the women’s new wombs which will hopefully lead to healthy pregnancies. This is groundbreaking news for infertile women all over the world who hope to one day enjoy the joy and pains of pregnancy. Please click here for more about the study.

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that the women will have healthy pregnancies because a solution to infertility will be helpful for our community. Infertility is framed as a white issue and that’s why I decided to post this story because it’s not well known that 11.5% of black women are infertile compared to 7% of white women. This may just be poor messaging or more likely, the reality of our infertility issues goes against the stereotype of black women’s hypersexuality and perceived fertility.

I plan to discuss in another post what the research suggests may be the reasons for black women’s fertility issues. In the mean time, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Questions: If you were infertile, would you do a womb transplant? Do you think womb transplants differ in any way from heart or liver transplants? Please leave your feedback in the comments.

One thought on “Successful womb transplants into 9 women: Swedish doctors may have finally found a cure for infertility

  1. This is a little bit different since heart and liver transplants are usually necessary to save the recipient’s life. Of course, a successful womb transplant would allow the recipient to successfully create life, which is pretty exciting! Infertility creates tremendous heartache, and I think it is always worth exploring medical solutions.

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