One more reason to get your kids outside


We all know intuitively that playing outdoors is best for kids but it’s nice to get research that backs up our mummy instincts. According to researchers, myopia is increasing in our children because they spend too much time indoors. The obvious suspects, of course, are video games and television, however, they are not to blame:

The explosion of myopia is a serious public health concern, and doctors have struggled to identify the source of the problem. Nearsightedness has a strong element of heritability, but the surge in cases shows that a child’s environment plays a significant role. A variety of risk factors has been linked to the disorder: frequent reading, participation in sports, television watching, protein intake, and depression. When each risk factor was isolated, however, its overall effect on myopia rates seemed to be fairly minimal.

Now what can we do with this information given our busy schedules and lack of safe spaces for our kids?


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