Wendy, please don’t cry over a snapshot of Madonna’s life

wendy williams madonna son crying brokedownCredit: Horia Varlan

Madonna is in hot water again and this time the star is under fire for using the “n” word in a tweet to her son. Interestingly, was Madonna’s close relationship with her son Rocco, the subject of the tweet, that made talk show host, Wendy Williams break down crying on her show as tried to talk about the latest controversy.

In between sobs Wendy said, “What I discovered this weekend is that my son doesn’t like me anymore.” As a mother, my heart went out to her because I can only imagine how devastated she felt. However, I can only empathize with her so much because she is doing a disservice to her son and their relationship by comparing him to Madonna’s son, Rocco. More here……

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