#BlerdKids: If you have a high school senior, you may want to read this!

There was a time when we were told to apply to the best colleges (read: the Ivy League) because these colleges or universities “pay for themselves” after graduation. Given today’s job market, I think that advice needs an update. Instead my advice would be “to follow the money”. Our kids need to leverage their good […]

PETA has once again crossed the line – kids given graphic pamphlet without parental consent

  I have to be honest and let you know that I don’t like PETA. I like their message but I don’t like their tactics. At some point they lost their way and have become a parody of themselves with all their antics. Because of this it’s hard to take seriously the organization’s core premise […]

Give your child a love of reading: Her brain will thank you

Credit: rishibando A new study has again confirmed the importance of reading to our children. According to researchers, reading to your child creates profound structural changes in the brain: “At a minimum, we can say that reading stories –- especially those with strong narrative arcs -– reconfigures brain networks for at least a few days. […]

Freebie Friday: Siemens Stem Academy

Credit: IITA Image Library There are a lot of companies out there that offer free educational material but not lot of them devote a whole website to it. Siemens, a multi-national engineering company, does just that for kids and parents who are interested in S.T.E.M fields. The site is called the Siemens STEM Academy and […]

Why are so many kids being diagnosed with ADHD?

What do the following people have in common? Albert Einstein Galileo Mozart Leonardo da Vinci Cher Bruce Jenner Charles Schwab Henry Winkler Danny Glover Walt Disney John Lennon Greg Louganis Winston Churchill Henry Ford Stephen Hawkings Jules Verne Alexander Graham Bell Woodrow Wilson Hans Christian Anderson Nelson Rockefeller Thomas Edison Gen. George Patton Agatha Christie […]