Should A Kindergarten Teacher Be Disciplined For Sending Home Letters About Her Students’ Hygiene?

A Buffalo teacher sent home the note above with her pre-kindergarten students and, as you can imagine, mayhem ensued. The Buffalo School District has filed disciplinary action against the teacher, Ms. Sharon Dunnigan, and the parents of the pre-kindergarten students have lashed out at the “offensive” note. Generally, I am on the side of parents […]

Freebie Friday: Your Kids Can Learn Computer Programming For Free!

That’s seven year-old Zora Ball, a cute but most importantly, a smart girl who is the youngest person ever to design a mobile app. Zora attends a science and technology in Philadelphia and she learned to design the program at her afterschool program, STEMnasium. Some experts argue that kids should be learning computer coding along […]

What’s wrong with a “fat letter”?

I saw a post on MommyNoire about the fat letters that have been in the news and I couldn’t disagree more with their position: Maybe the fat letters help some families but the bottom line is, shouldn’t parents and their pediatricians be responsible for their kids’ weight? It’s good that schools want to be active […]