Black diabetic kids aren’t getting needed eye exams. Is medical racism to blame?

Credit: KzAkabueze – ONEin12 I was searching for a picture of a black child with glasses for a blog post and came across this startling article, “Black Kids With Diabetes Less Likely to Get Eye Exams“. Juvenile or Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body does not make enough insulin. The side effects of not […]

Why it’s important to do an after school debrief

It’s been all over the news that the Fairfield Board of Education in Ohio had to suspend a white high school teachers,¬†Gil Voigt, for telling a black male student, “We don’t need another black president“. The story reminded me that, as black parents, we entrust our children to people who may not have their best […]

White girls (and parents) need black dolls too

Credit: Meester X After reading Kelli Goff’s article, “Why it matters that Angelina Jolie’s white child plays with a black doll“, I thought about how I’ve gladly bought black dolls for the black girls in my life but not for the white children I know. As difficult as it is to admit, I think I […]

Mindful Meditation Should Be A Requirement For Black Children

The more I read about the benefits of meditation, the more I think that it should be a must for black children. Our children have to deal with the stressors of living in a racist society in addition to the typical challenges of childhood, both of which have physical and psychological effects. More here……

Please Boycott Kanye West

Kanye West’s “attempt” to take back the Confederate flag seems disingenuous at best and a media ploy at worst. As a black mother, I am outraged that a black man would attempt to sell Confederate flag-themed apparel to young people who probably don’t really understand the flag’s place in African American history. Thanks to a […]

Congratulations to Chirlane McCray, The First Lady Of New York

We have a black mother in Gracie Mansion! I was happy to see on Huffington Post that Bill de Blasio won the mayoral election in New York as was expected because of his gigantic lead in the polls. Most importantly, however, there will be a black First Lady in Gracie Mansion. I am not a […]