Kerry Washington’s ‘SNL’ Skit Wasn’t Funny

Lack of diversity is no laughing matter

I used to be a huge SNL fan because they do have the best comedians and writers but I stopped watching the show a few years ago Their lack was laughing matter to me. I started watching the show less in 2008 during President Obama’s first campaign because I was uncomfortable with Fred Armisen, a white man playing him. I just thought it outrageous and ironic that an American institution like SNL not only sanctioned black face but got away with it.

I saw in the news that ‘SNL’ had hired Jay Pharoah to play Obama and while I was relieved that the tone deafness was over, the show didn’t feel the same to me. I just have little patience for shows that refuse to include people like me in their lineup. Then Kenan Thompson added insult to injury when he told TV Guide there aren’t any black, female comics who are “ready” to be on SNL.

Yet, I still watched Kerry Washington’s appearance on the show because of all the hype over her appearance and it made me downright angry. To me, lack of diversity isn’t funny and I don’t think for one second that ‘SNL’ will make good on its promise to diversify its lineup.

For starters, a sincere effort would have started with including up-and-coming black, female comics guest stars in their “apology”. It’s disappointing that ‘SNL,’ along with its publicist didn’t come up with a funny idea that actually showed their commitment to diversify their cast instead of giving us semi-funny platitudes.

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