Freebie Friday: Free Science Summer Camp

snow scene winter black mothering blogCredit: blmiers2

I know summer is the furthest thing from your mind right now but the application period for summer camp scholarships is right around the corner. Therefore, I am going to be posting information on the free S.T.E.M. summer camps I hear about on Freebie Fridays.

The Harris Foundation has a nationwide science summer camp that is totally free! I spoke with someone at the foundation this morning and was told that the application as well as the location of the campuses will be released at the end of February. Because these programs have a limited number of spaces, it’s important that you stay on top of the deadlines. Here’s some information about the program from the Harris Foundation’s website:

    The ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp (EMBHSSC) is a two-week residential camps hosted at colleges and universities across the nation. In the summer of 2014, The Harris Foundation (THF), in partnership with the ExxonMobil Foundation, will sponsor up to 20 residential camps to be held during the months of June-August. Each camp will provide 48-54 promising middle school grade level students the opportunity to enhance their proficiency in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education while living on a college campus – all at no cost to the child or family.

Please make a note on your calendar to check out the Harris Foundation’s site at the end of February.

Do you know of any FREE summer camps? Please let me know in the comments.

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