Think your kids are on Facebook? Think again

facebook sign up screen teens embarrassed associated with

According to a new European study, your kids are “embarrassed to even be associated” with Facebook and this can be problematic for parents who are looking to monitor their kids online behavior. Teens are moving from Facebook to newer platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat so add these sites to your monitoring software and be on the look for your children’s profiles on these sites. For more about the study click here…..


How are you monitoring your children’s online behavior?

One thought on “Think your kids are on Facebook? Think again

  1. Social media have been a problem from the beggining and it always will, it all dependson the relationship you have with your child, there is nothing else you can do to stop this but to talk, trust and respect each other, even if you don’t buy them no mobile phones, they will find a way and the result will be even worse, so you just can’t even go there, communication is the key!

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