Aluminum content of infant formula still “too high”

Aluminum Content of Infant Formula still too High

I was shocked to read that the aluminum content of infant formula is 100 times that of breast milk. Although it isn’t known if excess aluminum in infant formula can cause birth defects, no mother wants to know that the first food we feed our babies is anything but pure.  What’s more formula manufacturers don’t seem to be alarmed by the findings:

The authors argue that, despite their 2010 publication of the aluminum content of 15 well-known infant formula products, manufacturers have not yet addressed the problem. They conclude that regulatory and other non-voluntary methods are required to reduce the aluminum content of infant formulas and prevent chronic exposure of infants to dietary aluminum. More…..

I know these “infant formulas aren’t safe” stories come out all the time. This story isn’t one of them.  We cannot afford to ignore the fact that scientists have been urging infant formula manufacturers for the past three years to address this issue and they have not. I hope this story will get some traction in the American media soon because parents need to know that their children may be at risk.

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